Wednesday, July 8, 2009


I'm very tired, but wanted to update on some pictures from the lats couple of weeks. Excuse the spelling, I'm very tired. These pictures are backwards, so these first ones are more current then the following ones.

I'm doig well. I have miracles to report. My tumor marker is down from 805 to 625, I do not have the mutated gene and my insurance company is paying for my anti nausea patches that are SO expensive. THANK YOU GOD! I am tons better than last week. Last week was pure hell and I was not well. I was angry and crying. The nausea and paid were terrible. Mom and I have gotten me on a pretty good cocktail going on, so we are going to stay with it for a while.

Asa fell asleep with me and had his cute little hand on my back. Mom got the photo op.
Asa watering the garden. He is so helpful and I love him so much.

My worse day so far, last Tuesday. It was hell.

Trying to stay strong. It was a rough one. Thanks for the kick ass head wear Gmom. I love them.

whoops, didn't fix the picture. 2 Sundays ago, Asa and Josh went to a Timbers game again. I cried that I couldnt' go, but they had fun anyway. Asa had gotten a free ticket, along with a PGE Park tour. I love my boys.

If I'm not up eating or sitting up, I'm usually in bed. Chemo sucks so bad.

The day Papa, Joshua and Asa shaved my head...2 weeks ago maybe? It felt great to get all that gross hair off my head.

Mullet shot for Holly. SO SICK!


He's getting so big. He is so brave. He understands that I need my rest and is being so brave. I am missing out on so many things with him, but I have to be brave too. I was ablet to go to his soccer game tonight. He scored a goal. I'm so thankful to God for letting me live the live I'm able to live thus far. It's hard, but going OK. I need my family so much, they are so helpful, I coudn't do it with out them.
My 4 wheeled walker...on the showroom floor :)Pretty snazzy.
2nd week of chemo. This is 4 weeks old already. whoops.I'm behind.
Our Monday's at Shari's before chemo.

Asa looks forward to it, it's our little time alone and I can get prepared for chemo.
Thank you for your prayers and support . I love you all so much and appreciate you so much. A special thank you to Kim H. THANK YOU FOR THE COOL T's! They are so perfect and i love them. You are so sweet for thinking of the 3 of us. Continue to pray for me and my family. It is hard on all of us and my family works so hard with Asa and taking care of our household. it really takes so many. Thank you Grama for watching the children. It is such a help and you are such a blessing. Thank you to my friends and family that bring food and goodies. (and presents for Asa, Carol). It helps so much and we are so appreciative.
I'm tired, and shouldn't be on this thing, but I wanted to touch bases with all of you. I care for you all so much and thank you for caring for us.


Krystal said...

Thanks for the update, Trina! I am so sorry that you are feeling tired and feel like you are missing so much, but you are such an awesome momma and Asa must be so proud of you! I continue to pray for your health, healing, and strength. Lots of love to your whole family!

Beya said...

I love you and am so proud of you!

Grama said...

So glad you felt up to blogging. We miss you so much. Asa is such a great kid and Josh is an answer to prayer. You are truly blessed to have your family.
We continue to thank God for all the days that you feel good and especially that your count is down so much already.
Love you and we are so proud of you.

Mandy said...

Love the new pictures. I am glad that you are feeling much better this week. You are amazing. Keep kicking cancers ass!

Daria said...

It's a tough journey and we just take it one day at a time.

Glad to hear you are better than last week. Let's hope next week is even better.

Sonia said...

We love you so much, Trina, and we are praying everyday for your healing. Get all the rest you need. Brooklyn sends her love to all of you!

Tracey said...

I am so GLAD you go tgood news! You rock that hairdo!!! Beautiful...

Loves to you and the fam:)

mylene said...

Thank you for the update Trina. I love you. God bless you. Praise God for all miracles and may they continue to flow your way!

melissa said...

So good to hear from you!!!

Anonymous said...

Trina , I love your little shaved hairdo... not everyone can pull that look off but on you it is M Marvalous.... Hope you continue to regain your strength from this round of Chemo... I am so sorry you are so sick with this cocktail.
I gave Cameo a recipe to make you some minestrone soup that I think you will enjoy. Thanks for the update love your pictures and we will continue to pray for you. You and your family are always in my thoughts.


Lori said...

Loved your pictures and it's so good to hear from you. We all know the effort it takes for you to blog but we do look forward to it so much. So we appreciate it. You are loved and prayed for. I know you know that but I just wanted to say it.
Love you!!

Rhonda said...

OMG Asa is looking so big. He is such a great kid.
Hang in there. The chemo is working WooooHooooo. Don't push yourself to much. Let your body rest when it needs it. You are amazing.

Sig said...

Oh Lovie, you are always on my mind. Isn't G'mom the best? She has not fitted us both with the BEST headgear!
I am so glad you blogged, and FWIW you look awesome.
Isn't it funny how the thought of losing our hair is so horrid but then once chemo starts we want it OFF ASAP?
I wish I was there with you.

nikki said...

Thank you so much for updating. You are so sweet to be thinking of everyone one else. So happy to hear that your markers went down!!
Continued prayers for your strength and healing as you continue this fight!!!!

Andrea said...

Just wanted to say that I am so proud of you! Loves you!!

Lori said...

Sorry we missed you today but we were glad to know you were sleeping. I hope Asa loved the popcycles! I'll be thinking about you tomorrow and praying for you. Love you guys!

Kim said...

You are very welcome. Like I told your sister, I saw them and immediately thought of you. (and of course I couldn't leave Cameo or Beya out!) Hope you were able to rest this weekend.


Love the pictures especially the first one with you and Asa- precious!

Take care, you are in my daily thoughts and prayers!


Alaska Family said...

Love the pictures…Love hearing from you.
Hope that this week is treating you ok. We miss you all,
And are keeping you in our prayers - always. Love you.

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