Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Tuesday is a good day

Again, forgive the spelling. My hands tremble and my speeling is horrible, but I'm trying here peeps. I had my 3rd cycle of round 2 of chemo yesterday. I went in feeling pretty shitty, nauseated and pained, but afteward, I felt much better and came home. I didn't even nap, I stayed up until around 10, Asa went to bed late watching Storm Trackers with Josh and I ate an ate. I had kept NOTHING down on Sunday and was so hungry. I felt like I was binge eating. Josh would check on my in the bedroom and I was eating something different every time. Delicious. I have Monday off, and the last time I had a week off I felt horrible. Dr told me that if I'm feeling REALLY bad, I can go in for some fluid IV with a dash of steroid and anti nausea to get me though the week. That made me so appy. This weekend is my favorite holiday. Oregon Brewfest. I won't be agle to bo, and I'm dissap0inted. This makes me sad, and I don't know why. Oh well....maybe next year.

Asa and I hangin watching the boob tube.
Me. ready to hit the road on some errands. Errands now consist of pharmacy and lunch. By the time I'm done, I have to sleep for 2 hours to recover.
My wig that the boys picked out. they love it when I try it on. I don't. I don't think I'lle ver wear it. Josh LOVES it though, you should see hus face when he sees me wearing it. I suprise him sometimes. That's it, it comes right off. It is cute, but needs the bangs trimmed a bit.

Shari's 2 weeks ago. I'm really sick of shari's. The lats time we went I had cottage cheese and that almost came up. Asa just lookeds forward to chemo day because we go go shari's and he gets cheese sticks and french fries at 8am.

At treatment. Mom keeping track of my drugs and times in my journal (thanks mandy).

Eating a nutri grain bar. I'm always hungry. I have lost 12 lbs since starting chemo. I don't know how, It seems like I eat all the time.

Asa NEVER colors. He skips over the coloring parts in puzzle and school books. One afternoon, jOsh showed this to me. Asa had done it on his own. I thought josh had helped and josh thought that Ihad helped. I asked Asa, how did ou fiture outohow to do that colors? he showed me the graphon the top and said, see? the number shows the color? I' very proud of him.

asa was dancing on the 4th of july

Cant' tell if this is a "love you tt" shot or a "NOOOOOO" shot.

Asa was sitting on the ghetto garbage we had in the back yard

and then is busted on him

Sissy and I comparing pedicures. I won.

the girls just hanging watching the kiddos doing the little firecrackers

Mi papa :)
I feel bad that i can't post very often. I think of all of you and have Sissy keep me updated on your blogging to see how all ofyou are. I can feel all the love and the prayers so close to me. They are an inspiration to me. I'm hanging in there, having good and bad moments, but life is gettin to have a schedule agagin and I am trying ot to let this cancer dictate my entire life. It is hard, but i still have bills to pay and calls to make and decisions to decide upon. I feel stronger mentally and spriritually every day. Physically I feel weak. I HATE FEELIN WEAK in body. Pray that I am strong. I' callin in today for my tumor marker. I hope its LOW!
Love you all


Grama said...

Trina so love hearing from you. I love that you will be able to go in and get help for this feeling sick all the time. I'm so sorry you have to go through this. I know you are blessed to have such a great family. Love you and eat all the time if you want to and sleep all you need to and don't feel bad about any of it. You are loved.

Anonymous said...

Trina, so happy to see your post today. Eat as much as you want it is a good thing that your body is allowing you to intake food... and I am so happy to hear you can go into the "filling station" to be refreshed if and when you start to deyhydrate( ms sorry). Resting is a good thing as it means your body is trying to repair or heal itself, so enjoy your power naps.
My thoughts and prayers will continue for you. Good luck with this being your off week.. and try and get those fluids down, this heat will dry you out quickly.



Kim said...

Post when you can - your sister keeps us updated. :) Hope you have a great day!

Sonia said...

It was so nice to see your post and the pictures. We love you so much and you are always in our thoughts and prayers.

Mandy said...

Glad to see you post! I miss you but Kims right, Cameo does an excellent job of keeping us updated. =) Which reminds me I need to send her the whoopie pie recipe. I love all the pics especially the one of Asa, Josh and V! Stay strong Trina! Love you!

Cherrie said...

You have such a couragious spirit Trina. Thinking of you often, glad you able to post. Love the pictures. Asa is so cute.

Daria said...

Just keep blogging and sharing how you are doing ... I think it is healing.

Glad you had a good Tuesday and I hope Wednesday is good too.

Sending you strength and courage ...

Lori said...

I love your wig too! It's a cute cut! Thanks for posting, it's good to hear from you on how you are doing. It shows you are feeling better ☺ love you♥

melissa said...

So good to hear from you!

Still praying...

Tracey said...

I am so happy to see a new post. We continue to pray and think happy thoughts.

Is there any thing you need? New PJ's? New nail polish? Anything? PLEASE let me know!

Love you lots!!!

Rhonda said...

You made me cry when I saw your signature "Shake N Bake" That's the spirit.
Love all the pictures. That picture of Valentina is so beautiful. And Asa.....as handsome as EVER.
Glad to see you pulling yourself up and getting out. You need that fresh air. Praying the tumor markers are down. Kick that cancers ass.

Sig said...

Kick ass wig, girl! I hated my wig too, but it's nice to have.
Love your face with no hair anyway.
You keep that spirit up! In between chemo and puking, please try and keep life up. Go to the beach, go have lunch somehwre other than Shari's. Go shopping for shoes...cuz life is too short for ugly shoes!
Love you, and that package is coming your way today!

Rhonda said...

Tell that little sweetie cakes of yours that he can come play on Amelia's swingset whenever he wants.