Wednesday, October 21, 2009

This and that

My fingers hurt to type, so I;m just using my index fingers...bear with this post :) Again, I want to thank you all whoprayed for me on Sunday evening. I felt great after the Healers were here. I feel at peace and ready to take on this new treatment. I'm so thankful for you all who support me and pray for me.

I have some cute pics from the last couple of weeks.

Asa and Josh playing with a mini foos ball table. He spent $10. of his birthday money on it and said that "I made a good decision on this toy Mum..daddy and I can both play it and I still have $210.00 left for later". The face on Asa just makes me smile.
speaks for itself

How I love this baby girl of ours. The pumpkin in the backround is one from our garden. Asa moves it from place to place. He is proud of it.

Asa on his first day of Hebrew school last week.

"bye mum, see ya when I get back!"

What happened to my baby boy? I want to remember EVERYTHING he and Vali have ever said or done. They grow up too fast and I feel that I missed all summer on keeping up with Asa and Vali.

Flu on Wednesday. He threw up 5 times on Wednesday and couldnt' keep down anyti=hing. Even popsicles. He won't eat them now. He shudders. Poor thing..

Asa a nd Papa picking the 10 apples on our tree that Papa planted in May. It is such a little tree but pruduced lots of apples. We counted 35 in August, but some fell off or had worms, but the ones he picked are perfect. I loved watching them together. Joshua got some great pictures AND he videotaped at the same time.


Valerie said...

Came over from Cameo's blog. Been following for a while. Please know you are in my thoughts and prayers daily.

Grama said...

Love the pics and am praying for that beach trip to be soon. First day of school. Tramatic. For you not him? I remember that first day still 35 years later. Love you so much and am praying for less side effects. Since you had them all last time it would be great if you didn't have any but lets hope for less.

Alaska Family said...

Cute pictures, as always. Sorry to hear that Asa was sick, it seems like a lot of people have been lately. Praying for you still, hoping that this treatment will go smooth. Love you all.

Rhonda said...

Great pictures. Your little Asa is growing up. Josh is such a great Daddy. Hang in there girl. Prayers still coming your way.

mylene said...

I am glad the healers came. I continue to pray diligently for you. The pics are wonderful. God sure knows how to give good gifts... children... Love you Trina, hang in there.

Tracey said...

Still praying. Still lovin that soccer stud of yours!!
Hugs to all of you!

Anonymous said...
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Melissa said...

Though I never met you...I will never forget you.

Anonymous said...

Trina, I am smiling knowing that you are in heaven with Jesus now - holding the babies that you lost, and reuniting with your grandparents. You will be desperately missed by your family. They are hurting so badly by your passing. But you have been truly one of the kindest, most humble and good people I have ever known. You will be sorely missed by everyone touched by your story. God bless you.


Dear Josh and Asa,

Please know that my prayers continue for you both as you mourn the loss of your beautiful wife and Mum.

Re-reading the words that Trina last wrote was incredibly painful but I am so glad you will have this journal of her love for you both.

I know she will live on in your hearts forever until you meet again and that Asa will know and remember the Mum who loved him so much.


SaraG said...

R.I.P Trina.
God Bless you and your family during this difficult time!

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