Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Just a couple of days

Just some pictures and comments from the past few days. I'm the best I've been in over a week and plan on getting some fun shopping done, Big Lots!

The night before Asa's birthday, me doubled up with nausea and having a 5 year old "help" decorating the most difficult cake I've ever tried to attempt. We colored the chocolate frosting black to resemble a soccer ball. Asa had to sample. The cake was so ugly and bad, I ordered from a bakery the next morning. Thank you Sissy and Mom for all your help that day. Taking care of everything while I slept until the party started. I apprecate you so much.

The best picture of Asa's 5 party. This is so him. He loves chocolate so much and doesn't get it too horribly much, but it always ends up around his lips...... ALWAYS!

At chemo a couple of weeks ago. Josh enjoys documenting and taking pictures. We laugh when the camera comes out. This is Mom's "best" side.

My best side. YUCK! I'm wearing down really quickly.... I'm so tired and just tired of feeling like I am chemotherapy constantly every minute of every day. This was a really bad day.

Asa's pumpkin he grew in his garden. He is very proud.

Yesterday at Shari's before treatment. I never want to go and everything there is gross. But when Asa realizes it's treatment day, he is up so fast to get ready it just melts my heart. He does the picture search on his placemat EVERY MONDAY and pretends he can't find the pictures. He has been doing this same puzzle since June :) This picture is funny because it looks like all the other's Shari's pictures
I wrote the following before the above pictures and post.
I have had a hell of a 2 weeks. I want to keep this from being a cancer post, but..... can't. I am feeling so much better after treatment, and am so thankful. I have decided to cut my chemo down by another 10% as I didn't think I'd be able to physcially or mentally complete it with the higher dose. The last 2 weeks have been horrible.
I appreciate all of you and think of you all praying and thinking of me. I REMEMBER THIS THROUGHOUT MY DAY! Thank you and I am thinking of you all.


Mandy said...

I'm sorry I haven't been around much lately but think you and your family (Hi Beya and Cameo!) every.single.day!

I am glad that Asa's party went well. It looks like it was a great time. Sending hugs and love your way.

Alaska Family said...

Just wanted to let you know that you are in our prayers...always :).

Love the pictures of Asa...he always looks so cute, no matter what he does.

Love you!

Daria said...

My heart goes out to you ... chemo really sucks and sure does wear a person down.

Sending you strength and courage.

Rhonda said...

My heart is with you. Hang in there.
Asa is so cute with the chocolate around his mouth. He sure did enjoy his cake. You are such a great Mum.

Lori said...

Still praying for you Trina, Tim Heather Timmy and I haven't forgotten you just because we haven't been around to see you. Thank you for the post. It's good to see and hear that you have good days. We love you♥

Sonia said...

Looks like Asa had a wonderful birthday party.

I am praying and thinking of you and all the rest of your family everyday. Love you!

Greta Jo said...

Trina, I think of you so often. Praying for you and your family (rest, peace, comfort and healing).

Mylene said...

It is so good to read a posting from you. I am so sorry it has been difficult for you. I miss you and do hope you will have a well space for a visit soon. I am praying for you always. Asa's cake looks great. I remember doing that for my girls. ah, the time flies. God bless you Trina! love you very much!!!